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For our guests who will travel, we have blocked rooms for you at the following hotels. Please request your reservations under Agustin/Balogh Wedding. If you have received your invitation, please note this correction: You must make your reservations by April 29th (NOT May 9th) in order to get the group discount for these hotels.

Hampton Inn
8411 Pulsar Place
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(614) 885-8400

Embassy Suites
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr.
Columbus, OH 43231
(614) 890-8600

Hilton Garden Inn
4265 Sawyer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

Extended Stay America Hotel - Easton
4200 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43230

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're Engaged!!

How we got engaged:
November 27, 2009

APRIL :"During our many visits to Toledo, we would try and explore a different part of the city together: from the museum to parks, different restaurants and bars. One of these places was The Docks and International Park, located in downtown Toledo, right on the Maumee River. International Park was interesting because of the way they arranged flags that represented each of the different communities in Toledo. Coincidentally, they placed the Filipino (my family is Filipino) flag next to the Hungarian (Brandon's family has Hungarian heritage) flag. Almost three years later, we returned to that spot...or at least tried to."

BRANDON: "I had been planning this over several weeks and it was really hard to keep it all a secret from April. Somehow I pulled it all off: I had dinner reservations made for the whole family at Zia's, which is one of the restaurants at The Docks. I had it all in my head: I'd take her down to the Docks before anyone else arrived, on the premise that we were going to take pictures by our flags, once there I would drop on one knee and propose. She would say yes, and then we'd head in for a nice, celebratory meal."

April:"I was not in a very pleasant mood that day, and really wasn't looking forward to eating out. It was the day after Thanksgiving and I just wanted to lounge around his parents house and eat leftovers. In addition to this lethargic feeling, the weather had suddenly turned cold and rainy. So I grudgingly shuffled into the car and tried to look excited at the thought of taking pictures on the banks of a freezing, wind-swept, dreary looking river."

BRANDON: "I didn't notice her mood change, but she did notice that the other family members were trying to hold something back. I panicked a little when she pointed out the weather and how maybe today wouldn't be a good day to take pictures.:

APRIL: "As we were driving up to the park I did notice that the flagpoles looked a little bare for such a windy day..."

BRANDON:"..I was not happy when we saw that the flags had been taken down. So I suggested just going out onto the large patio area and take pictures of the skyline."

APRIL:"I was not happy to go out there in the cold and take pictures of the skyline, but I went anyway to humor him...I started snapping pictures as quickly as possible. At one point I turned towards the bridge..."

BRANDON:"While her back was turned I whipped out the ring from my pocket and dropped to one knee..."

APRIL:"I heard him say 'Why don't you take a picture of this'...I paused and thought 'This is not happening..'so I turned around and saw him kneeling and he said

BRANDON:"Will you marry me, beautiful?" and

APRIL:"I said YES!!"

BRANDON:"She said YES!!"

And here we are...

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